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We always keep your looking good!

When you want your garments to look their best without all the fuss, it's nice to know you can drop them off Scoop Laundry. We are professional dry cleaners, serving the greater Calgary them up-all at your convenience! We also offer pick-up and delivery services in the local area, in case your are unable to come to us.

Scoop Laundry uses the latest and most effective stain and odour-removal technologies to get your clothes cleaned just right - leaving them feeling and looking like new.

Scoop Laundry, our executive shirt service will ensure you look as good as an executive no mater what kind of work you do. Our meticulous attention to detail and professional techniques leaves your garments wrinkle-free and looking their best.

Scoop Laundry specializes in fine dry cleaning. Also, if your "big day" is near, we specialize in alterations, wedding planning, wedding gown preservation and restoration to ensure you're ready to walk down the aisle in style!

The way in which an outlet handles Suits is a good dry-cleaning benchmark. The care it takes, such as hand-finishing, will be indicative of the quality of its other services. Most budget cleaners only rub and shine the surface of the suit utilizing the technique, which merely customers into thinking all dirt has been removed. 

At Cleaners of Scoop Laundry, the process of cleaning a Suit is quite complex. Dirt apparently accumulates under the fabric finish so; to begin with, this finish is removed. The dirt is then removed by a lifting process quite the clothing is re-treated to retum to its original state.

Scoop Laundry has dedicated an entire floor equipped with the best collection of machines, including a hydrocarbon dry-cleaner, for handling of dedicate and expensive fabric and opera costumes.