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The changing business arena in the hospitality industries has prompted the hoteliers to look for options to save costs and increase flexibility for their daily operations. Catering to, and working with the hospitality industries, Scoop Laundry is more than simply a supplier of laundry products and services, and we have considered ourselves partners with our clients, collaborating with them to improve business performances, conserve resources and enhance the quality of life.

All hotel linens are processed in our Sitra plant. Housing the most comprehensive range of state-of-the-art, boasting the most the laundry and uniform per month. Each of its production floors is distinguished for separate treatment of linens and guest laundry, through a computer-monitored batch washer system to assure washing quality and consistency.

Working in synergy with our existing network of laundry plants, city workshops and service outlets, Scoop Laundry provides a total approach to laundry operations with superior service that compliments and enhances hotel operations. Comprehensive facilities and convenient locations have resulted in economies of scale and scope that enable us to deliver truly cost-effective products of superior quality.

Guest Laundry & Express Services

Recognizing that hotel customers differ in size, and service requirements.

Experienced Laundry Specialists

Our laundry managers are specifically trained for the complexities of commercial laundries. They understand fabric construction, soil characteristics, wash classification, detergency and water chemistry. Most importantly, they understand energy savings and wash floor efficiency to help control total operating costs.