Scoop Laundry

New Commercial & Dry Cleaning Laundry

Management System Policy

For the effective implementation of the management system according to the requirement:

1.          Commit to continuous improve out performance towards the interest of the clients, staff and the society.

2.          Comply with the legal requirement regarding the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety issues.

3.          Commit to customer satisfaction by providing quality services to our clients.

4.          Commit to be a resource saving organization by reducing the amount of resource input into the process 

             without affecting the quality of our services.

5.          Commit to provide a safe and healthy working environment to all staff by identifying and eliminating the 

             potential hazards arise from Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety issues.

6.          Commit to prevent pollution to the environment

 Timely Pickup & Delivery Services

Our strong fleet of Lorries and vans supports our logistics department, working closely with every customer to deliver the rapid turnaround service, guaranteeing consistent supply of clean, fresh linen at all times.
 Linen replenishment & Storage

All linen items are regularly inspected for fabric fatigue and wear andtear. Items in unsatisfactory condtion are automatically replaced.

Our temperature-controlled storeroom is stocked with ample supplies of additional linen, ensuring no one will everbe short of any linen item.