Scoop Laundry

New Commercial & Dry Cleaning Laundry

Terms and Conditions

Your privacy is important to us. On The Scoop Laundry does not and will not share personally identifiable information that you provided to us with third parties that do not directly relate to service and/or transaction processes.

Delivery/Pick-up Terms

Delivery/Pick-up Terms- On The Scoop Laundry requires the client's signature for all pick-up and drop-offs. Once a client signs that he/she has received their laundry, which renders a delivery complete, the driver and On The Scoop Laundry will not be held responsible regarding proceeding unforeseen mishaps. Laundry deliveries will be attempted during On The Scoop Laundry's normal business hours and schedules. On The Scoop Laundry can leave your laundry at your premises of your home, business, or dorm if you sign the "leave at my address" disclaimer when signing up. The safety of your laundry will be at your own risk. On The Sccop Laundry will not be responsible for any laundry not directly delivered or received by the driver.

Billing Terms

If you wish to sign-up for services with On The Scoop Laundry you must pay your bill prior to redelivery of your items. You may also authorize On The Scoop Laundry to bill your credit card account on file for recurring transactions. On The Scoop Laundry is not responsible for missed pick-ups or deliveries. A 2BD missed pick-up fee can be applied if laundry is not left out on the designated pick-up date. In emergency circumstances if you miss your pick-up or delivery you may e-mail us to schedule an alternate pick-up time or day. We will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability.

Damaged/Missing Items

On The Scoop Laundry makes every effort to avoid damage to your clothing. Customers agree not to hold On The Scoop Laundry responsible for damage resulting from or including: buttons, sequins, pins, jewelry and/or other loose items left in the pockets of clothing. Additionally, customer holds On The Scoop Laundry harmless for any shrinkage or fading of clothing, or any damage that occurs while cleaning an item according to its care tag or including the cleaning of an item placed in the bag labeled for laundry that through the customer's negligence should not have been laundered. Furthermore, On The Scoop Laundry will not be held liable for items that are damaged due to a manufacturing defect or as a result of improper or illegible care instructions as well as damage done to especially fragile items which may require special processing or for damages caused by customer neglect such as items left in pockets i.e. pens or markers, etc. In addition, we are not responsible for any newly purchased items that may bleed onto your other clothing. On The Scoop Laundry will entertain every complaint, if a case of damage occurs customers must report the damage within 24 hours of the return of the items. All claims must be filed in writing and submitted to On The Scoop Laundry by email or postal mail within 2 days of either the scheduled or actual return date, whichever is later. When a legitimate claim is filed, there will be a processing period of 10 to 15 business days. During this period, On The Scoop Laundry will do everything possible to promptly and accurately determine the cause of damage or repair whatever damage might exist. If it becomes necessary to issue a reimbursement to one of our customers we reserve up to 30 days for processing. For all cash and check purchases, reimbursements will always be in the form of a check in the name of the payee and will be mailed to the address given at the time of payment. For all orders placed by credit card, reimbursement will always be in the form of a credit to the card used for payment. However, we reserve the right to pay by check if needed. In absolutely no case will a reimbursement exceed BD 5 for the entire contents of a bag or BD2 for a single item. The customer agrees that the refund amount is at the sole discretion of On The Scoop Laundry.

Customers agree to all items without manufacturer's tag properly intact will not be covered! All items to be serviced must be clearly described in a Contents Card to be illustrated by the customer at time of service, if not presented at the time of service, On The Scoop Laundry can not be held responsible for any loss or damaged items. (Contents Card is a simple index card with description of contents of each laundry bag, is the customers responsibility to include.)

On The Scoop Laundry reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions at any point and/or cancel or refuse service to any customer.